The pinnacle of inflation- the new $100 trillion note

Remember the tales of distraught Germans after WW I hauling wheelbarrows full of inflation-devalued Papiermarks to the bakers to pay for a loaf of bread? Since that time, governments have taken a much more conservative approach to printing money, to avoid such rampant inflation. A notable exception, tragically, is the government of Zimbabwe thug-in-charge Robert Mugabe. The result of his misrule is hyperinflation and the need to print a new $100 trillion note ($100,000,000,000,000) -- worth about $33 US.

Note- no picture is yet available for the $100 trillion note, but here's what the $100 billion one looks like.

According the UK Telegraph, prices are doubling daily as scarce resources and currency backed by nothing conspire to bring even more misery to a country already dealing with a cholera epidemic. Neighboring South Africa is awash in a massive influx of refugees.

The country's mint is also preparing to print $10 trillion, $20 trillion and $50 trillion notes, probably to address a shortage of toilet paper. This is what happens when a government expands its money supply far faster than its GDP.

Fortunately, we'd never take such a foolish approach in the U.S.


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