Million dollar home could be yours for $150 and a word problem


People will do anything to sell a house these days: But making people solve riddles as part of a raffle? According to RISMedia, "For just $150 and the answer to a simple word problem, you could be the proud owner of a sprawling ranch home worth more than $1 million."

The Bahn family is selling $150 raffle tickets for a chance to win their Tracy, Calif. home, and will be donating a large chunk of the proceeds to charity. In addition to buying the ticket, you have to answer the word problem to have your name placed in the "tie-breaking drum."

Why the word problem? Apparently requiring participants to perform some sort of skillful task was a requirement for making the raffle legal. The question (PDF) isn't too challenging:

The Weston Ranch Little League team "The Ports" consumes three bags of sunflower seeds during each game. There are 20 games in the "The Ports" season. At the end of the season how many bags of sunflower seed will "The Ports" have consumed?

To read the rules, learn more about the home and enter the contest, visit