Lawyers apply for a $30,000 (fake) job


You know the job market for lawyers has to be tough if there are actually applicants for a $30,000 a year position. An attorney in New York posted the "job" on Craigslist, making it sound like the worst lawyer job ever. It was listed as a job with a firm in midtown Manhattan, a salary of $30,000, and a whole bunch of restrictions.

The "job" required 12-hour days, six days a week, offered no health insurance, required work on holidays. Also notable was the fact that the position offered three days of sick leave and five days of vacation, all of which could only be taken in January and February. The reason? The attorney needed to be available to fill in for all the partners when they took time off.

How sad that the guy who posted this fake ad actually received several serious responses to it. (He posted a follow-up listing, explaining that he'd destroy their materials and not release their names.) I don't know if it's worse that the people were actually willing to accept such a job, or that they didn't realize it was all a joke. It's pretty clear to me that the ad is a fake, but apparently not all desperate attorneys are that sharp.