Free pie! Cut yourself a free slice at Bakers Square on National Pie Day

Friday, January 23, has been designated National Pie Day by the American Pie Council. (Yes, such a group exists, and its meetings are probably a lot more fun than the ones over at the Jedi High Council.) Since it's an unwritten law that no national day of anything must pass without piles of promotions, pie makers across the country are whipping up some freebies to get Americans thinking about pie.

One big national chain is getting in on the action in the run-up to the actual day. On Wednesday, Bakers Square will give away a free slice of pie with any purchase, a gimme that will continue on Wednesdays after this week is over.

The Pie Council has encouraged lots of small promotions nationwide, such as at the Clark County Library in Idaho, which will give out free slices, and at a Publix supermarket in Lake Mary, near Orlando, and Michele's Pies in Norwalk, CT, which will do the same. Huffington Post food blogger Lisa Lacy will throw a "Pie Party" at the Greenwich Village Bistro in New York. But for the most part, the freebie offerings are piecemeal, so to speak.

The Bakers Square chain will also be publishing coupons in many Sunday papers on the 18th that will be good for deals, such as a free half of a Country Apple pie on Friday, January 23. If you can't get the paper, the restaurant chain will also e-mail the coupons to you if you sign up for its free e-mail newsletter by Sunday (and you'll get a coupon for a free entree, too, for your effort).

The Pie Council (I will never get tired of reading that phrase) has even mounted its own Facebook event page encouraging everyone in the country to enjoy their own pie on the Big Day. My favorite part of the invitation: "Just three days after the United States exercises its democratic tradition with the inauguration of a new president, another national institution -- America's love affair with pie -- will celebrate its treasured place in the country's cultural fabric."
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