Bosses Tell All: How I Busted My Employee Playing Hooky

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Let's get one thing straight: Though you shouldn't, everyone plays hooky. But come on, people -- be smart about it! Or at the very least, don't get caught twice.

Donna Flagg, workplace expert and president of The Krysalis Group, caught the same employee playing hooky not once, but twice. The first time, Flagg saw her on the evening news the same day she claimed to be on her deathbed. Another time, she saw the employee at a party where she saw her ducking behind a group of guys and mouthing unprintable obscenities about seeing her boss.

To avoid situations where you have to run and hide, our first advice is to not skip work in the first place; if you are, stay out of public places. Secondly, whether you want to sleep off a hangover, go to the beach or head to the Cubs home opener, if you decide to take the day off, be honest about it.