Stolen car recovered after thieves tricked by text message!

Normally contacting the person who stole your car is a sure fire way to end up on the losing side of a bad situation, but one Columbus Ohio man was able to recover his stolen car with the help of a text message. It sounds more like a plot wrinkle from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels than a news story but apparently criminals are just that dumb.

After being carjacked, Alan Heuss was lamenting his situation with a group of friends when they decided to try and trick the thieves by offering them "hot chicks" and drugs. The group sent a text message to Alan's phone, which was taken with the car, telling Alan that they would send a women and drugs over to him. A few hours later, the robbers replied with their location, which was promptly passed along to the Columbus Police who caught the trio sitting inside the stolen car.

It seems that this trio of criminals wanted to get ahead of their competitors for the 2009 Darwin Awards. Seriously, who robs someone at gunpoint and then is dumb enough to respond to a text message like this? Then again, I shouldn't be surprised, this just re-enforces the fact that there are dumb criminals everywhere. Thankfully, the world is full of enterprising folks who take it upon themselves to have a little fun with criminals much like Alan and his friends did.
My favorite resource for reading up on criminal shenanigans is 419 eater, a Website devoted to scamming all of those people who try to tempt your grandma out of her life savings with promises of lost riches from Africa. These scam-baiters have likely saved millions of dollars for innocent people by keeping these scammers busy posing for humorous photos and carving them all kinds of trinkets as they are strung along.

One can't talk about getting even with scammers without bringing up the "p p p Powerbook" scam, which took the art of scamming thieves to a new level. When someone tried to con a new Powerbook from an crafty eBay seller, he went all out making a fake Powerbook out of everyday supplies which he then shipped all the way to London. Once it got there the scam artist had to pay $300 to get it out of customs. The entire story and accompanying pictures make this reverse scam top notch!

Thankfully Alan and his friends were smart enough to arrange for the girls and the drugs to go to the thieves rather than bringing the thieves right to their front door. As much fun as it can be to try to get even with a thief or con artist remember, they might be dumb enough to fall for it; but they might also show up with three guys named buck and a loaded 12 gauge. Next time, play it safe and collect on your insurance.
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