Free online dating service for cash-strapped romantics


Two of the most beautiful words in the English language are "love" and "free." Combine them together and you get the latest offering from, a free online dating service called Down to Earth.

Not only is free, but it comes with a built-in lie detector. The site's RealRatings system lets users rank the accuracy of people's profiles. So warning: If you don't look like the model posted in your profile pic, then your date will report that through RealRatings with a star for "not even close" or five stars for "true to life" if they're the sarcastic type. It sounds like a good way to keep people from puffing themselves up.

So what's stopping Match users from ditching the monthly fee and migrating over to this new free site? For now, Match boasts 15 million users, so there's always that unbeatable variety of people to choose from. But it will be interesting to see if DowntoEarth becomes the place to be for singles, especially in this economic downturn. Will the fee-collecting Match be a way to weed out the gold-diggers from the rest of us?

For the soon-to-be-lucky-in-love, here's a great post from Online Personals Watch blogger Mark Brooks in TechCrunch with a list of free online dating sites.

Keep in mind, Valentine's Day is only a month away...

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