Your weight and your wallet: Earning dividends

Losing weight is an expensive endeavor, but once you reach your goals, you'll see that investment pay off in so many ways that you'll never wonder if it was worth it.

First, there's the emotional benefit. Fifty-seven pounds ago, if you'd told me I could fit into the pants I'm wearing now, I would've given just about anything. But I did it without selling my car or my house or my soul, and the confidence and happiness that come with that are priceless.

I joined Weight Watchers to break through my last plateau and meet my final goals. Now that I've met those goals, I'm a Lifetime Member, which means I don't pay for the meetings and online tools anymore. Weight Watchers was a huge part of my personal success, and knowing I have access to those services for the rest of my life makes the idea of weight maintenance a lot less terrifying. And hey, now it's free! Of course I'm going to keep using the program. There's $35 a month that my weight loss is now saving me.