Starbucks wants YOU to volunteer (free coffee!)

Starbucks said today that it is asking its customers to donate five hours of their time to coincide with inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.

With the way the stock has performed of late, you might think that the company is asking you to get behind the counter and serve some lattes, but actually, they just want you to donate five hours in your community in a show of support for Obama's call for a stronger commitment to community service.

If you fill out a card pledging to donate five hours, you can receive a free tall brewed coffee from January 21 through January 25. Starbucks is calling the volunteerism campaign "I'm In."

Of course you could fill out the card and then not volunteer, but something tells me that's bad karma. It's only five hours and, who knows, Starbucks may actually help to spark interest in giving back.
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