Make money on your Youtube videos with product placement


Do you have a sure-fire, dynamite idea for a YouTube video? Good news- you may be able to tap into the coffers of major advertisers by including product placements in your video. Tadcast, a start-up online company, hopes to become the broker between YouTube video makers and companies wishing to expand their marketing via product placements.

The possibilities are huge. Why film yourself dancing drunkenly on, then falling off of, a nondescript coffee table when you could fall from a Ikea table ($$!!). When recording your version of "Iron Man" on accordion, why waste the opportunity to paint a Ford logo on your bellows and collect some dough for the performance? Have you made a video showing how to make the perfect Chicago-style hot dog? I hope you made it with a Vienna Beef hot dog, Red Hot Chicago poppy seed bun, and Il Primo Sport Peppers.

Unfortunately, Tadcast is not yet in a position to marry advertisers and YouTubers, so it is running a contest to introduce the concept and lay the groundwork. It is offering $5,000 for the most popular entry of a new YouTube video that incorporates product placement. Entrants must incorporate one of three products: sweetriot chocolate-covered carob nibs, Zildjan cymbals, or Honest tea.

Thanks, Mashable