Pizza joint saves tips for trip to Costa Rica

It took thirteen long years, but they finally made it. The employees of Flying Pie Pizzaria, in Boise, Idaho, collectively saved 10% of their tips for 13 years. Now, their employer, Howard Olivier, will be shutting down both of his pizza-making operations for a week, and will be joining his dedicated employees for a long deserved stay in beautiful Costa Rica.

In a report about the employee funded group trip, reported that there are 62 people going on the trip, including pizzeria staff, some family and one former employee for a grand total of $116,000. The tip money is covering the whole trip, and the best part of the deal is that the employees of Flying Pie will be paid for their time away from their pizza serving duties, because some of them couldn't have made the trip without that provision.

Initially, the group had intended for their trip to be made to Hawaii, but their customers hooked them on Costa Rica, which will give them more bang for their buck. Lesley Juel, marketing director for Flying Pie, told "We decided we didn't want to spend our entire time in a hotel where it's $30 a sandwich and where it's hot and humid."

The entire group at Flying Pie is to be commended for their dedication and outright thriftiness. This great story just goes to show what a whole lot of dedication can do for you, especially when it's coupled with several hundred pounds of pepperoni and mushrooms.
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