Are you a "mouse potato?" You're not alone


Times are tough for small business owners, which is driving them to spend long nights at the computer, trying to figure out a way to make ends meet. According to the 3rd Annual Staples National Small Business Survey, 62% of small business owners admit that they are constantly on the computer, describing themselves as "mouse potatoes."

Two-thirds of them said that they eat and work at the same time. One in five business owners surveyed are even replacing breakfast with "deskfast," in an effort to make the most of their time at work.

Most distressing, 50% say they are reducing their own pay. They are also cutting back on travel and advertising. The majority of the 300 business owners surveyed said they would be willing to forgo vacations and date nights to ensure job stability.

There's no word on whether or not small business owners are cutting back on buying office supplies. Not surprising, given the sponsor.

I suspect that there are even more mouse potatoes among folks who work from home, but don't necessarily quality as small business owners. After all, when your personal and professional lives reside in the same building, it gets harder to separate the two. I know. I live with a guy who runs his business from home.

So, if you find that you've been spending more time seated in front of a monitor with a bagel in one hand and a mouse under the other, you're definitely not alone.