Customer bills telephone company $5,481 - and gets it


This is a story about a small business person who stood up for what's right, and won.

Howard Schaffer is the owner of the media marketing firm which bears his name. During the previous year, Howard moved his business to a new location. He planned very carefully, making sure that all his contractors, vendors, and service providers could help him get things properly sewn together on his moving date. Howard encountered one unfortunate snag which developed in spite of his carefully laid plans. The telephone service of Howard Schaffer Media Marketing failed to make the move along with the company.

Howard is a patient man, and of course he's a people person by trade. So, Howard tactfully and diligently pursued his phone line troubles with his telephone service provider. However, Howard must also be a considerably intelligent man, because he did something which most people generally wouldn't do. Our friend Howard kept a carefully documented record of the details, time, and effort he invested in getting his telephone service operational again.