2009 Money moves: When in doubt, get a job


If being a brainiac is your thing, study the list of jobs considered by Careercast.com as the best. Working as a mathematician is at the top of the list, with actuary, statistician and accountant nearing the top. My husband, who is an accountant who runs an actuarial department for an insurance company, says, "Girls love guys who know calculus."

Who am I to argue?

Anyway, Careercast ranked 200 jobs to compile this report, relying on five criteria to compare jobs, including stress, physical demands, hiring outlook, compensation and work environment.

Here are its top 10:

  1. Mathematician

  2. Actuary

  3. Statistician

  4. Biologist

  5. Software Engineer

  6. Computer Systems Analyst

  7. Historian

  8. Sociologist

  9. Industrial Designer

  10. Accountant