Waste not: Tips on how not to waste food


Journalist Jonathan Bloom is on a mission: to keep people from wasting food. Not only is it good for the planet, but it's a little trick we here at WalletPop like to call money-saving. In the third part of a series he did with video storyteller Cooking Up a Story, Bloom shares five tips to prevent food waste, all of which I thought were brilliant and simple:

  1. Plan your meals before you go shopping

  2. Don't buy groceries that aren't on your list (I have a pot of ginger jam in the fridge that would agree)

  3. Serve small amounts to your family members (and offer seconds)

  4. Store your leftovers

  5. Eat your leftovers

I have the most trouble with #1 and #5, though I've been really working lately to eat my leftovers and have done a much better job. What I don't eat before it's a little off goes to the chickens (who don't seem to mind rice that's past its prime, or the leavings from my toddler's plate of mashed potatoes). He also suggests composting leftovers, or feeding them to the family dog. His message: don't throw away food!