Woman finds $100,000 baseball card; tries to sell it for $10

72-year old Bernice Gallego found an old baseball card (not pictured) in a box of antiques, and listed it on eBay to see if anyone would want it. She started the bidding at $10.

It turned out that the card was really old and worth a lot more than $10. After receiving several questions from potential bidders, she decided to cancel the auction and do more research. Good move: The card was from 1869 and featured the "Red Stocking B.B. Club of Cincinnati," the first professional team in the history of baseball.

Collector Rick Mirigian told the Fresno Bee that "They've uncovered a piece of history that few people will ever be able to imagine or comprehend. And it comes out of Fresno. That card is history. It's like unearthing a Mona Lisa or a Picasso."

More to the point, the card could be worth more than $100,000. Gallego is set to re-list the card on eBay, and many readers who are hard-up for cash are probably about to head down to the basement to see what they can find.

But be careful: Unless you have something really rare, the recession is leading to somewhat of a glut of collectibles on the market which, combined with the decrease in demand, could lead to lower prices. This might not be the best time to sell if you're not desperate.
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