Ten financial commandments for 20-somethings


What you do in your '20s can have a huge impact on the remainder of your life, on many fronts. But your financial decisions are the ones that will come home to roost. Kiplinger put together a collection of 10 financial commandments for your 20's that provides an excellent go-to guide for making good decisions.

The 10 financial commandments for your 20's:

  1. Plan ahead.

  2. Live within your means.

  3. Make saving a habit.

  4. Pay off your credit cards.

  5. Start investing.

  6. Establish credit.

  7. Have a marketable skill.

  8. Cut the financial umbilical cord.

  9. Marry wisely.

  10. Have some Fun.

For young people, often grappling with living on their own for the first time and juggling full-time jobs and serious relationships, the implications of early financial decisions are more important than they perhaps realize. Keep reading for more information about financial decisions you need to make in your 20's