How one family collected $1,000 in coins and how you can too!


American Public Media's Marketplace recently profiled a few frugal folks called "change hunters."

These ingenious folks are those who look for change as they go about their daily lives. Armed only with keen eyes, Purell and a coin purse, they collect coins wherever they go. Most people don't feel that picking up loose change on the street is worth their time, but when you add up all of those coins, and even the occasional dollar, the sum is impressive.

The Humphreys, a New York family, have collected over $1,000 in change since they started collecting in 2005! The whole family gets in on the hunt and shares their finds and a running total on their blog Changepot. In October they ended year three with an impressive $402.72 and are already off to a great start with a total of more than $40 including a hefty find of $20 bill.