Yes we can! an Obama throw blanket and other trinkets, thanks to QVC and others


Democracy and capitalism are coming together, with the QVC home shopping channel going to Washington to cover President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration -- and of course, to sell jewelry, coins, stamps and other trinkets with Obama's likeness on them.

Search "Obama" on the QVC Web site and all kinds of commemorative items that will probably collect dust in your closet for years to come are available: The official first day stamp collection for $38.88, and a colorized JFK half-dollar coin for $12.50.

My favorite is a commemorative cotton throw blanket for $36.84 to wrap yourself up in the historical moment. It's an historic time for sure, but a blanket with the president's face on it? Does anyone really need that? Still, it's a deal, having been marked down by QVC from the original $41 price.

QVC has already sold more than 100,000 items related to Obama's election and sees the inauguration as a way to reach beyond people who regularly buy political collectibles, according to an Associated Press story.

The story also reports that QVC will show portions of the parade and interview spectators, and air live on the night of Jan. 20 from the inaugural ball. Other networks that normally don't cover politics also plan on covering the next president's first day of office, with BET and Nickelodeon in Washington.

Other outlets are also selling Obama memorabilia. NBC is selling a four-hour video of Obama and his speeches for $19.99.

The New York Times has a host of items it has been selling since the day after the election, including photos, a jigsaw puzzle of its Nov. 5, 2008 cover, a copy of the Nov. 5 Times for $14.95, coffee mugs and T-shirt.

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