Congress just took a pay raise - Didn't they tell you?


I think it's a mighty fine thing that we taxpayers can afford to give our duly elected representatives a raise in pay. It's a sure sign of how well we are doing as a nation. Never mind the fact that the recent congressional pay raise of $4,700 equals almost 20% of what I earn annually, or equals about 10% of the annual salary of a teacher, fire fighter, or cop. Those hard working legislators deserve every dollar they get -- all $169,300 of them.

Did I hear you say that you lost your home to foreclosure today? Not to worry, we'll get a member of congress right on that. Was it your electric motor assembly facility that got shut down last month, putting 130 people out of work? We have a congress person addressing that problem too.

Let's not forget that family of five, which is living under the railroad bridge over by that place where the illegal immigrants pour in from Mexico. We have a whole committee of those slacking congressional yo-yos working on that one for you. I'm expecting that a solution to all these problems should be available to us some time in 2012.

Does my sarcasm sound a little bitter? It's meant to, I assure you. However, my anger has always moved me to take prudent steps in an attempt to correct the things that really tick me off. If you are of a similar mind, and you take offense to a congressional pay raise in the midst of a recession which gives no hint of when it may subside, might I kindly suggest that you use the next 15 minutes to go to Please tell your well-paid members of congress just exactly what you're thinking right now.