As-Seen-On-TV: How to find out if it works...before you buy!

Who hasn't been curious about an "As-Seen-on-TV" product? No longer limited to late night infomercials, shortened versions of these ads pushing everything from weight loss to get-rich-quick schemes are now commonplace on prime time television.

Under the constant bombardment of these "miraculous" products, it's only a matter of time before one catches your fancy. Thankfully, the internet is full of personal accounts and reviews which can help you find out if these products work, "as-seen-on-TV."

Here are three easy ways to find out if an as-seen-on-TV product is worth it, all before the "20 minute" special offer to double your order expires. has an extensive collection of infomercial and As Seen On TV products complete with product descriptions and user ratings. This site is number one in my book because it collects actual user reviews on numerous products and provides an overall rating, making it easy to get a feel for how well a product works. makes use of online video to review all kinds of products. I found that's video reviews were informative and straightforward. Though the site lacks user ratings and reviews, it is still helpful, and clearly identifies how well a product works. As an added bonus, also has clips of the infomercials in case you want to compare the commercial use to real-life performance.

Perhaps the most valuable and up-to-date source for As-Seen-On-TV reviews and customer experiences is Google. A quick Google search for the product name and scam or ripoff will yield hundreds of unedited consumer reactions to help you decide the value of any product.

So before you buy a Bender Ball or Absersizer, take a few minutes to do some research. You may find out that it's the best thing since sliced bread, but on the other hand, you may find out that buying one will enroll you in a monthly DVD subscription program!

Also check out WalletPop's As-Seen-On-TV product review for hands-on reviews of 30 products, including the Ped Egg, Detox footpads and many more.

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