$4.5 million car found in garage


The family of Dr. Harold Carr, a London physician, found a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante in his garage after his death.

The Associated Press reports that the car is one of only 17 made, and appraisers expect that it will fetch more than $4.3 million when it is sold at auction in February. AutoBlog adds that "Estimated values for the car are all over the map, with values as high as £6 million (about $8.8M USD) being discussed."

It was originally owned by British race car driver Earl Howe and changed hands several times -- It hasn't been used since 1960.

I know literally nothing about cars except that friends make fun of me when I show up in a 1995 Volvo. But I wonder whether the price the car realizes at auction will be adversely impacted by the economy. Might the family be better off waiting a few years? Or perhaps a buyer will scoop it up at a bargain and then flip it when the economy rebounds.

Either way, it's one sweet ride for the Carr's.