HGTV's 'The Property Shop' does Realtors no favors

HGTV's latest real estate show, The Property Shop, debuted on New Year's Day. It showcases Montreal estate agent Tatiana Londono as she looks to start her own real estate brokerage, juggling family obligations with the financial stress of entrepreneurship.

Londono is pretty much a parody of a high-powered real estate agent with her big hair and outlandish persona. Of course, nearly every real estate reality show has obnoxious stars -- Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out, Armando Montelongo on Flip This House and Chad Rogers on Million Dollar Listing, just to name a few.

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But people like Jeff Lewis -- known as much for his obsessive compulsive disorder as for his real estate prowess -- are interesting to watch. Londono isn't. She's just not likable or interesting in the way that the stars of the better shows like this are. She's a self-described "born salesman" and it shows: She's every stereotype of real estate agents on the planet condensed into an aerosol can and sprayed into an over-sized 'do. She's a loud, fast talker, over-animated and obnoxious. She visits people who have the nerve to try to sell their homes without an agent -- and then erupts in a fit of rage when she finds out the couple she had told needed her sold their home on their own -- and saved themselves a 6% commission.

With two of the buyers she's working with, Londono is also the listing agent on the property which, she notes, creates the potential for a conflict of interest. But that doesn't seem to bother her too much, and with a double commission on the line, she keeps busy prodding buyer and seller to move out of their comfort zones on counter-offer after counter-offer.

With public respect for real estate agents at an all-time low in the face of tanking real estate values, this show does little to help the industry's cause.

The Property Shop airs on HGTV at 10:00 PM ET on Mondays.
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