The treadmills rules: Why this New Year's Resolution will last


I bought myself a treadmill for Christmas.

For once, I didn't make the purchase on the secondary market. I didn't even do my usual due diligence and check with Consumer Reports. I'm half-embarrassed to say that I went out and bought a Gold's Gym treadmill at Walmart. I'll tell you in a year or two whether it was a good choice. The issue this time isn't about the quality of the treadmill but whether or not I'll actually do what I intend to do with it: use it regularly.

Like thousands of other Americans, I've had my share of gym memberships. I've joined for a month or a year or bought a punch card. In October, I joined the local senior center (sigh) because three days a week there's a resort with a pool midway between my condo and my office that I can use free now that I am of advanced age. I was enthusiastic about the idea. The only problem is that I haven't gotten there. I don't like to get wet when it's cold.