Should you paint your house with Obama-era colors for the New Year?



columnist Mark Nash recently posted his What's In, What's Out For Home Buyers in 2009?

Nash has some interesting predictions: Home buyers will continue to wait and thrifty decor will be popular as home staging and track lighting go the way of the hula hoop. But this prediction for "what's in" really caught my eye:

Obama era paint colors. President elect Barak Obama will add a fresh, younger and forward-looking feel to residential interior paint decor in the spaces at The White House where he and future First Lady Michelle have a say. Look for parchment whites, cashmere yellows, bright optimistic blues and radiant gold's. Depressing Bush era colors such as plum, chocolate brown, rusty mustard and pale sage will gladly be replaced by more optimistic colors in American homes.

Is there anything to that? I'm not so sure: Color me unpatriotic, but I don't rush out to Home Depot after every election to align my interior design sensibilities with the mood of the new administration.

Still, there could be something to it: In a depressing economy, many home buyers are feeling pessimistic and uncertain about whether it's a good time to buy yet. Keeping your home colors bright and cheery when you're looking to sell just might not be so far-fetched.