Free Halloween Games: Start Fright Night Early


Candy corn and other treats have already started rolling into stores, and instead of playing trick or treat a month early, we decided to use that energy to find some of the best free Halloween games on the Web. After weeding through dozens of titles, we found eight -- everything from hidden object to arcade-style beat-em-ups -- that will get you in the mood for one of the most raucous nights of the year.

Halloween Bubble

Game Type:
Match-3, Puzzle
Spooky Factor: Seeing Martha Stewart in costume is 700x scarier.

In this simple, but fun Halloween-themed game shoot and match faces of the same color to make them disappear. The goal is to get rid of all of the faces before they reach the ground. It's not the most sophisticated game in the world, but this will easily eat up 15-20 minutes of your time before you know what happened.

Square Meal

By Nitrome

Game Type: Puzzle, Action
Spooky Factor: It's 'cuepy' -- totally cute and only slightly creepy.

This game stars an adorable green munster who finds itself trapped in a dungeon. Help him escape by moving and shooting blocks at (and then eating) enemies. The controls are simple: use the arrow keys to move in four directions and hit the space bar to stick your tongue out and eat! Two people can also play at the same time using the same keyboard (the second player uses the WASD keys to move and CTRL to eat).
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