Fantasyland: Disney hikes some park prices by 15%


Although it defies reason and the principles of basic economics, Disney has hiked its prices again. It has increased the admission price of its water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World, by $5, to $45 per adult and $39 for kids. That's a nearly 15% increase for kids, and a 12.5% increase for adults.

Most economists would say that when times are bad, you lower your prices to build business back up. The rules don't apply to Disney. They don't have to. People may not be able to afford mortgage payments or diapers, but there are plenty of folks who simply can't hold on without taking a trip to Disney.

In fact, there are just as many people in the Disney parks as there were last year. It's just that after spending so much on admission, they're not spending as much once they get in. Last quarter, the parks had 50% lower profits, but attendance was even, so Disney Parks still made a profit anyway.

That's an admirable result in these times, you have to admit. Disney knows that a substantial set of its fans is rabid for the Mouse and will stop at nothing to come. But if people are going to cut back on food and souvenirs, Disney must know, it'll just have to make its wad on entry. Therefore, prices keep going up at the gate.