LensCrafters says it isn't giving Danny Gokey free eyewear


Last week, as I reported here, the blogs were atwitter about American Idol contestant Danny Gokey. The Wisconsin music minister, who just made the final three of the show, was being accused of secretly plugging eyeglasses chain LensCrafters by using the same heart-from-fingers gesture that it uses in its "See what you love" ad campaign. Even the eyewear blogs (yes, they exist) were onto the story.

American Idol' Show Photos

Gokey, who is known for wearing a succession of designer pairs on the show, must have been reading WalletPop, too. Because this week, he didn't make the sign at all, keeping his hands discreetly at his side this time when usually, he makes his symbol to the world. Did Gokey cave to suspicion? Maybe his Idol bosses told him to cool it.