The Job Hunt: How to get called back for another job interview


For the 10.3 million unemployed people in the United States who are looking for a job, one of the most frustrating aspects of a job hunt is waiting for the phone to ring. Especially after an interview. And especially after an employer says "We'll call you soon."

I know. I've been doing it for six months, and have reluctantly been keeping the national unemployment rate at 6.7%, according to the latest figures from November from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And although I don't have a full-time job yet, I do have some ideas on how to get that callback and can explain some of the frustration job seekers are experiencing.

The first thing to remember is that looking for a job, and awaiting word on whether you're successful or not, is like dating. Beyond waiting for the phone to ring, the interview, or date, plays in your head over and over again as you over-analyze it and try to come up with better ways to present yourself if you get a second chance.