A present for you -- a showerhead that holds the water until you're ready


Letting hot water run while you get ready in the morning is one of the quickest ways to send money -- literally down the drain. The bathroom, in particular the shower, is often one of the biggest water wasting culprits in a house. It turns out that in many households people are off brushing their teeth, watching the news, eating breakfast or rounding up children while perfectly good hot water is wasted.

Thankfully there is a new shower head that actually stops the water after it gets hot so that you aren't wasting water while you get ready in the morning. This new shower head from Evolve features ShowerStart, which slows the water to a trickle once it reaches 95 degrees. When you're ready to take a shower, starting the hot water is as simple as pulling a chain.

Evolve Shower heads start at $40 and claim a savings of $75 for a family of three in the course of a year. If you're already in love with your shower head, you can even get a ShowerStart adapter for $29.95.

When I first saw this claim I thought there was no way these numbers could be right. Do people really multitask this much? Who waits this long to get in the shower? Not me, I thought, I get in the shower and in 10 seconds I have hot water. Of course my water heater is only three feet from my shower so that could have something to do with it.

That was until I told my carpooler, mother of three, about this shower head. No sooner had I finished telling her it stopped automatically when the water was hot; and she was asking me to repeat the name and price! She went on to tell me exactly how long her kids spent running around in the morning while hot water ran down the drain. In fact, not to spoil any presents, but I think her kids are getting a new shower head for Christmas.

Evolve shower heads aren't for me, I stand in the shower while it warms up. But for lots of other folks, the Evolve shower head is a great way to reduce utility usage without the need to alter habits. Also, with most of the Evolve shower heads clocking in at 2.5 gallons per minute, you don't have to deal with the pelting mist that has accompanied every low flow shower head I've used, although they do offer a low flow shower head with a 1.59 gpm rating. Best of all since the system is automatic you won't have to teach your kids how to take a Navy shower!