What's next for retirement savings?


With the stock market down so low, it seems to be a perfect time for liberals to push their ideas of government control of everything. Retirement funding is a perfect target. Doesn't it sound great to think that our government will take care of you until you die? After all, why make consumers responsible for taking care of themselves? That would cost them money! And they can't possibly be expected to save their own money!

Consumer are victims, after all, of something called corporate greed. Or so you would be led to believe. And the government must step in and save us! We won't talk about government greed, though. We're supposed to ignore the fact that our government forcibly takes away an ever-increasing amount of our money through personal incomes taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, corporate taxes (which ultimately are paid by consumers), and every "fee" that is really a tax in disguise.

Argentina recently took away private retirement accounts to pay government debts, promising to take care of citizens in their retirement years. But what about the citizens who didn't want to be under government control for the rest of their lives? Too bad for them.