Last minute gift idea: one share of a company


Here's a tip for you procrastinators-- think stock. If you're your intended is a motorhead, a share of Harley-Davidson might be a great gift, especially now when the market is soft. For the child with an entreprenurial bent, a share of Build-A-Bear might whet his appetite. For the Playboy, how about a piece of Playboy? And for the pro wrestling fan, how about a share of the World Wrestling Federation?

Of course, one share of a stock sitting on some broker's books has very little cool factor, but when bought through, you or your giftee will receive an actual, authentic paper stock certificate suitable for framing. Since the deadline has past for pre-Christmas delivery, the company offers a printable gift announcement that you can give to let your giftee know that the stock is on its way.

The service is not cheap, however. A single share of stock will cost you market price plus $39, unframed. Framed, the packages go for over $100. There are a few stocks on sale, which may not speak well for the fortunes of those companies, including Ford, Krispy Kreme, Six Flags, and Trump.