Price Is Right winner didn't cheat - he did his homework!


Shortly after the December 16 episode of The Price Is Right aired, in which Terry won a double showcase by guessing the exact price of his three piece prize, rumors began circulating that he had somehow cheated. Terry, not one to take these allegations lying down appeared on air with a DJ from "93.1 The Party" in Las Vegas to let America know how he arrived at his new lucky number $23,743.

So how did Terry end up at $23,743? It turns out that Terry's perfect bid took a lot of knowhow and a little bit of luck. You see, appearing on The Price is Right wasn't something he did on a whim; Terry and his wife joined countless others in line outside the studio at 3 a.m. playing their own pricing games, while they waited to get into the show.

Terry has been following the show for quite a while, which is how he won $500 earlier in the episode by bidding the exact price of a ceramic egg cooker. Terry knew its price as well as the prices of two items in his showcase because they had made previous appearances on The Price is Right. This left the trailer, which Terry knew averaged $1,000 a foot getting him up to $23,000. By luck or chance, he blurted out,"743", before he knew what happened which earned him a spot in Game Show History.