20 unusual ways to save money: Share Netflix, internet with neighbors

The most important skill I learned in kindergarten was sharing. This life lesson has served me well over the past 20 years saving me quite a bit of frustration and money. In college I picked up quite the reputation for pulling others into any purchase I could in order to cut the overall cost. I quickly found that sharing a subscription plan like Netflix or a service like high speed Internet was easy and saved me a ton of money.

Sharing a movie subscription service is incredibly simple and cost effective. While your neighbors are often the most likely candidates, co-workers and friends also make for excellent potential subscription partners. Netflix is perhaps one of the easiest subscriptions to share given their support of profiles.

By setting up a profile for yourself and the person you're sharing with, you can each be sure to get what you want without running the risk of one member getting all of their choices at once. You can also share Netflix's Watch Instantly feature making it easy to have a movie you like on hand even if you're only sharing a two DVD plan.

Another great way to save money by sharing is to split your Internet service with a neighbor. Wireless technology has come a long way and costs have come down making it easy and cheap to set up your own shared network. This works out especially well for apartment dwellers who can easily share with one or two other units cutting costs even further. If your neighbor lives out of range, it might be worth the time to run a cable across the yard when the ground thaws in the spring.

Most users shouldn't need to worry about running into speed issues from sharing a connection. Even if you're both high demand users, the money you save by sharing should be enough to upgrade to a faster service without blowing all of your savings.

Sharing a service or subscription is an excellent way to cut costs and help a friend save too. Just like anytime you mix business with friends there is a possibility that something will go wrong endangering your friendship. Before you sign up, sit down over coffee or a beer and nail down who will be in charge of paying for what and when. While you and I may be all about sharing, some of these companies may have been out that day in kindergarten so you better check the terms of service and you may need to keep your arrangement on the DL.

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