The Price is (exactly) Right! Contestant nails the price of his showcase


For the first time since The Price is Right moved to daytime television, a contestant bid the exact price of his showcase!

On the episode which aired December 16, one of the final contestants, Terry, was able to correctly guess the value of his showcase at $23,743, which earned a double showcase win. For his pricing acumen, Terry won the contents of both showcases, which included; a trailer, karaoke system and billiard table as well as a set of trips to Chicago, Canada, South America and Scotland...for a total value of $56,473!

No "perfect bid" can get by without a good batch of controversy and conspiracy to liven it up. In case you're wondering why Drew Carey is less than excited when he announced the perfect bid, it's because the show took a 30-45 minute break so that CBS and the producers could verify that no cheating had taken place.