The gift's the thing: WalletPop's collection of fun and practical gift cards


With shopping days winding down, it's becoming more and more likely that anyone left on your list is getting a gift card this year. WalletPop has already covered everything you need to know about gift cards this year, including common scams and how to find the best gift cards out there. Now we are bringing you a collection of gift cards in our favorite categories, ranging from those practical enough to appease tightwads to offerings that can entertain anyone.

Practical: For people on your list who think a gift should fill a need in their life; check out these practical gift cards. The first two also make an excellent gift for someone you know who is having trouble making ends meet.

  • Fuel only gift card -- Unless the person you're buying for lives near good public transportation, a gas card is one of the most practical gift cards you can buy.

  • Electricity gift card -- A gift card for electricity is an extremely "powerful" gift to give this year. Just make sure you get them from the right company and have a backup, since not all power companies offer gift certificates.

  • College course gift card -- The gift of education isn't just for the 18-year-old on your list; many colleges are offering learning in retirement program gift certificates which make an excellent gift for retirees. These courses are relatively cheap so you won't have to raid your 401k to pay for a class.

  • Kids program gift certificates -- The youngsters on your list, and their parents, will also appreciate gift certificates for karate, ballet, art and music programs!