Macy's plans 24-hour sales to boost holiday shopping


Opening on Black Friday at 6am gave Macy's a shot of adrenaline, so the retailer is going to try it again. Several Macy's stores will be open for 24 hours-a-day on the lead-up to Christmas Day, akin to what the store did last year, but bigger.

This year, 13 stores will open for a four-day stretch. At stores in the New York area, this will be a 132-hour marathon from 6am on December 19 to 6pm on December 24. For stores in Cherry Hill, N.J., Troy, Mich., Tysons Corner, MD Va. and various other locales (including the flagship in Manhattan), there's a 108-hour marathon from 6am on December 20 to 6pm on Christmas Eve. For the latest hours in your area, check with Macy's.

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