Home improvement gifts under $25


If you're shopping for a Ho-Ho-Home Improvement gift this season, there's a lot to choose. From home décor to a potty training tool for big boys, here are a few we liked.

Home Improvement Gift Guide

Walls that pop -- WallPops are a versatile line of repositionable, removable vinyl wall art. Priced at approximately $10 for a pack of five Dots, Blox or Stripes and about $24.99 per animal, WallPops provide a great way for everyone from children and tweens to teens and adults to personalize their living spaces.


Toilet training tool for men -- Johnny Light ($13.95) is a soft green night-light, activated by a gravity switch when the commode seat is raised. According to the manufacturer this "clever gadget provides personal safety by preventing 'fall-ins' and is a 'teaching tool' to remind men of gender respect." Hummmif it were only that easy. Available online at www.johnnylight.com.

Johnny Light

Quick change artist -- 33pc Ryobi SpeedLoad Drill and Drive set ($19.97): For DIY'rs with a cordless drill, SpeedLoad is an accessory that'll get lots of use. Ryobi's SpeedLoad chuck fits in the chuck of the drill and accepts any 1/4-inch hex shank drill bit or screwdriver bit. Available at The Home Depot.


New tool with a twist -- Ratcheting Hex Wrench ($16.99): This handy invention will become a trusted tool you'll turn to time and time again. It not only delivers a complete set of hex wrenches in one compact tool, but the ratcheting action lets you get done faster. Order online at www.ratchetinghexwrench.com.

Ratcheting Hex Wrench

Sturdy light -- Stanley's Titanium Spot-to-Flood LED Tripod Flashlight ($19.97) is perfect for telling ghost stories or finishing nighttime projects. This bright white LED light has spot-to-flood light focusing capability and stands on its own three legs for sturdy illumination. Available at Lowe's.


Spiral shower -- Moen's new Enliven three-function showerheads, available in both hand-held and fixed versions ($24), features a spiral-patterned spray face for full coverage that envelops the user in invigorating water sprays to spice up the season. Available at Target.


Screensavers for your TV -- If the blank void of a turned-off flat-panel HDTV is just more than you can stand, Screen Dreams' series of DVD Screensavers ($12.95) may be for you. It makes home improvement and decorating a snap, by turning your TV into a window that reveals real-life, vivid images of fireplaces, aquariums, beaches, waterfalls, butterflies, and nature scenes.

Screen Dreams

Put out the fire -- First Alert introduces a cool, easy-to-use fire extinguishing spray called Tundra ($19.99). Tundra features an award-winning "point-and-spray" design effective on fabric, wood, cooking oil, and electrical fires. It's compact, powerful, and the discharge time is 4X greater than that of more intimidating traditional extinguishers allowing more time to fight the fire.


Get organized -- Tackle this new year's resolution right off the bat with the 150 page Valuables.doc ($24.99), which makes it easy to catalog all of your items of value, record their purchase prices and replacement value and have the proper documentation in case you need to make an insurance claim.