20 unusual ways to save money: Eat soup


I'm eating leftover take-out wonton soup as I write this blog post about saving money by eating soup. Typical amount an office worker spends on lunch: $6.60. Cost of my soup: $1.50.

When I make soup from scratch, the cost per-portion is even less than that. I can dole out huge portions filled with vegetables, proteins and other amazing nutrients for virtually pennies a serving. I can go gourmet, ethnic or homey, all using the same basic ingredients twisted up different ways. I can do a fast soup in 15 minutes or a slow soup that takes a whole day. I can make soup so many ways that I could serve it every day for every meal and not run out of ideas for a long while. Even buying soup from a store or a restaurant is cheaper than buying other foods.

Oh, how many ways can I tout the cost-saving benefits of soup? Here are just 10.

1. Broth soups are filling and low in calorie, so much so they they are often touted as a dieting solution. See: the Good Housekeeping amazing soup diet, for just one. If you weigh less, you'll be healthier, spend less on doctor visits and medicines and you'll work more efficiently.

2. Soups freeze and thaw extremely well. You can make a huge batch (saving by buying ingredients in bulk and using less electricity to cook) and stock up your freezer, pulling out a few portions on a busy night and saving on that take-out bill.