Dine with the stars: Celebrity lunch boxes benefit the hungry


Would you like to have lunch with Cameron Diaz? How would you like a meal that was prepared by chef Mario Batali? Does a balogna sandwich with Gwyneth Paltrow interest you? Well, I can't help you get any of those great privileges, but I can set you on track to what just might be the next best thing.

A unique and rare opportunity has just come our way. In service of the expanding efforts to feed the hungry, an esteemed group of culinary and entertainment celebrities has come together with an unusual kind of auction. These good hearted celebrities are auctioning one of a kind lunch boxes which they have designed themselves. An interesting array of etched, painted, and otherwise embellished lunch containers is ready for your cultured approval.

The lovely specimen to your right is a lunch box designed by food legend Alice Waters. (Too bad you can't bid for this box filled with a lunch of her making.)

This intriguing charity effort is being conducted to benefit the Food For Survival food bank of New York City, and The Lunchbox Fund. The auction is being sponsored by Master Card and a host of NYC icon establishments. To be sure, this collection of lunch boxes certainly represents some whimsical and original art. Whether or not these very special lunch containers represent investments in their own right, is a secondary consideration to the very serious sentiment behind this charity auction effort.