Why your kid should work in college


Should your kid work while in college? That's the question CNN posed recently in an article examining how students can bridge the tuition gap in light of shrinking college savings accounts.

CNN was quick to point out the hazards of working too much in college. The most prominent being that students who work more than 15 hours a week are less likely to graduate in four years, adding significantly to the overall cost of higher education. That said, having a job as a student isn't something college students should rule out.

Most schools offer campus jobs which often times provide students with 8-12 hour per week schedules and supervisors who are sympathetic to the academic process. While a bulk of these jobs may be in campus food services or janitorial, they still provide good work experience. With a little effort students can even find a campus job relating to their major, which will prove helpful when they begin the job hunt after graduation.