Why did the chicken cross the road? He was testing traffic energy.


It's a wonder, sometimes, that we need gas or coal at all. It seems like every day, there's a new potential source of energy out there. We know about the obvious ones -- wind and solar power. Then there are lesser known like wave energy, where people are hoping if we can harness the energy from the ocean, we might be able to create fuel cells to drive our cars.

And now the latest: traffic energy.

According to TG Daily, a technology news portal, an Israeli company called Innowattech has figured out how to collect energy from cars driving on the road. They install something called piezoelectric crystals underneath the road, and the highway vibrations are then captured by the crystals and converted into electricity. Apparently, for every kilometer (0.62 miles), you can get up to 500 kilowatts (500,000 watts), which will power approximately 100 homes.