Preposterous products: Spice your game as you shoot it

Joke or genius? I can't decide which pertains to Season Shot, which purports to have created a shotgun shell that kills game with pellets of seasoning rather than lead or other kinds of shot.

To anyone who's ever broken a $500 crown on shot missed when the game was dressed, such a product makes great sense. The seasoning, available in a variety of flavors such as Cajun and Teriyaki, is encased in pellets of a "fully biodegradable food product." When the game is felled, rather than digging out the pellets, they can be left in place, serving to spice the food from the inside out as it cooks. This won't help Dick Cheney's hunting partners, but millions of other hunters should find it a huge step forward.

Unfortunately, Season Shot is still in development, so for the time being, you'll have to stick dry rubbing or basting your prey. And don't let me catch you sneaking that Sunday pot roast into the back yard to "spice it up" with your shotgun!

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