No longer paying with plastic: introducing the first biodegradable credit card


It's been promised for several years, but now it's apparently here. Discover Financial Services has announced that they have the only American biodegradable consumer credit card. (If you have a Discover card and want yours to be biodegradable, click here and look in the middle of the screen, where you'll be directed to click once again.)

The card is made of something called biodegradable PVC, and 99% of it will break down and can safely mesh into water, dirt or wherever it winds up. The ordinary, nonbiodegradable PVC, which is primarily used in buildings, when it's created and when breaks apart and chemicals get into the soil, carcinogens are created, like dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride, which sounded harmless enough to me until I started reading that they can cause things like cancer, birth defects and neurological damage.