Don't be a victim of office creepers!


Most criminals know that the best way to successfully commit a crime is to allow their victims to remain comfortable. The very worst criminals are the ones who look harmless and blend in with their surroundings. While taking advantage of these basic criminal principals, an increasing number of normal every day people are committing potentially serious property crimes. They're called "office creepers", and they're becoming more common. These brazen crooks embody a caustic blend of impersonation, stalking, and thievery.

The city of Dallas made national news recently when police there arrested yet another office creeper. It seems that the problem has become quite severe there. The perpetrators pose as people who would be expected to enter a business facility, and then once inside, they find easy prey. These stealthy thieves will pose as package delivery people, janitors, service people, sales people, and sometimes even as employees. The larger the facility, the easier the target. The problem has become so routine in Dallas, that now police there regularly circulate a list of the top known office creepers.