10 Best Desk-less Jobs



Your eyes are burning, your back is aching, your head is pounding and you're positive your rear is getting bigger with each passing minute -- and you haven't even left your desk all day! Chair-bound workers across the country are suffering from work-related ailments like these, among many more.

Researchers link desk jobs to increased cases of back pain, eyestrain, colon cancer and obesity, say Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., co-authors of the new book, "175 Best Jobs Not Behind a Desk." In fact, one study found that men who sit at their desk for more than six hours per day were almost twice as likely to be obese as men who sit for less than 45 minutes. Another survey found that women who worked at a sedentary job for 14 years gained 20 pounds more than women who worked in the least sedentary jobs.