10 Best Desk-less Jobs


Your eyes are burning, your back is aching, your head is pounding and you're positive your rear is getting bigger with each passing minute -- and you haven't even left your desk all day! Chair-bound workers across the country are suffering from work-related ailments like these, among many more.

Researchers link desk jobs to increased cases of back pain, eyestrain, colon cancer and obesity, say Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., co-authors of the new book, "175 Best Jobs Not Behind a Desk." In fact, one study found that men who sit at their desk for more than six hours per day were almost twice as likely to be obese as men who sit for less than 45 minutes. Another survey found that women who worked at a sedentary job for 14 years gained 20 pounds more than women who worked in the least sedentary jobs.

But in an economy that heavily depends on office workers, are there any good jobs that allow you to be out of the office?

"Fortunately, there are plenty of high-activity jobs for people who prefer them. And these are not just menial jobs that are likely to be phased out as soon as someone invents the right kind of robot to do them," Farr and Shatkin say. "Many active jobs have good earnings and are expected to have good job opportunities. They allow you to use your brains as well as your muscles and involve the kinds of people and problems that can keep you interested in your work."

Here are the 10 best overall jobs for people who want to get out from behind a desk and be active:

1. Registered Nurses (RNs)

What keeps them active: Moving, lifting and wheeling patients; pumping meds, operating medical machinery, visiting each patient's room.

Annual earnings: $58,600

2. Physical Therapists

What keeps them active: Testing and measuring patient's strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture, muscle performance, respiration and motor function.

Annual earnings: $64,200

3. Physician Assistants (PAs)

What keeps them active: Examining patients, ordering/interpreting lab tests and x-rays, suturing, splinting and casting patients with minor injuries.

Annual earnings: $80,600

4. Elementary School Teachers, except Special Education

What keeps them active: Planning, assigning and evaluating assignments; writing on the chalkboard, supervising extracurricular activities, preparing, administering and grading tests; overseeing study halls and homerooms, supervising extracurricular activities, accompanying students on field trips.

Annual earnings: $45,600

5. Radiologic Technologists and Technicians

What keeps them active: Producing x-ray films, positioning patients for appropriate x-rays, measuring parts of the body to be radiographed.

Annual earnings: $46,900

6. Kindergarten Teachers, except Special Education

What keeps them active: Using "hands-on" activities to facilitate learning phonics, numbers and letters, supervising young children.

Annual earnings: $43,900

7. Occupational Therapists (OTs)

What keeps them active: Assisting clients in performing activities of all types, instructing them how to use adaptive equipment including wheelchairs and increasing strength and dexterity.

Annual earnings: $56,800

8. Secondary School Teachers, except Special and Vocational Education

What keeps them active: Grade papers, prepare report cards, meet with parents and school staff to discuss a student's academic progress or personal problems, plan, evaluate and assign lessons; prepare, administer, and grade tests; listen to oral presentations; maintain classroom discipline.

Annual earnings: $45,000

9. Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers

What keeps them active: Directing traffic, chasing down suspects, catching traffic violators.

Annual earnings: $55,000

10. Veterinarians

What keeps them active: Diagnose animal health problems, vaccinate animals against disease, treat and dress wounds, perform surgery.

Annual earnings: $76,000

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