15 hottest products of 2008: iPod Touch


In the beginning, there was the Apple iPhone, and users named it good. So good, in fact, that Apple quickly transformed its iPod into the same form, the iPod Touch, and it too has been deemed good. Very good, if sales are any indication.

The iPod Touch and iPhone share most of the same applications and capabilities. The most noteworthy difference is, of course, the ability to make phone calls and access AT&t's EDGE network when local Wi-fi isn't available. For those who don't want to be enslaved to AT&T, the iPod Touch is the avenue to the all those sexy features. They will, however, pay a little for for the freedom; the iPods run about $20 more than iPhones with the same memory.

The iPod is a full-featured entertainment platform. Users can buy new tunes from the iTunes store via the built-in Wi-fi connection; no need for a computer. The 3.5 inch display is also crisp enough to show the television shows and movies that can be bought or rented via iTunes.