Should George W. Bush wait on book deals?


President George W. Bush is headed toward ending up the most disliked president in American history, with an approval rating which has slowly declined to somewhere around 25%. The media scorns him, the liberals scoff at him, and he's still a favorite mud-slinging target of David Letterman. He doesn't ad lib well. He is unable to successfully tell a joke. But you do have to admit that the guy has some stones.

Does a soon to be former president with a spine but no friends, stand a chance at success in the presidential memoirs market? According to an article by Duncan Greenberg at, George W. Bush might see some better offers if he puts off accepting them for a while.

It's pretty much a given that George Bush isn't cut out for the public speaking circuit. I've never seen him attend a speaking engagement with anything akin to poise, power, or emotion. He certainly can't give insight into team building. He'd not be considered an authority on the art of negotiation. About the only point of expertise that I think G.W. could successfully lecture on would be the proposition of setting your jaw and holding your ground. No, there's not much future in public speaking for our pending former president.

Perhaps it would be best if George W. Bush sets his sights upon a few ineffectual board appointments and some blessings of coin from the honorarium crowd. I'm sure that many strong minds among the conservative circles are hoping that their associative attachments to George W. Bush shall quickly fade away. The report from Forbes states; "Laura Bush will write her memoirs first. She reportedly has been entertaining publishers at the White House to discuss a possible book deal, which will likely fetch at least $5 million." I personally think that G.W. should let his wife's book clear the shelves before he even takes a stab at attempting anything like it.

It's really of no earthly consequence what George W. Bush chooses to do in his semi-retirement. I don't read books from former presidents, so I honestly don't care if G.W. authors one or not. However, there is one thing that I'm almost certain of when it comes to the subject of the memoirs of George W. Bush: If he authors them, and they're published, and they sell, and you read them, I believe that you can rest easy in the assurance of this one single fact: President George W. Bush really couldn't care less whether or not you have ever liked what he has found necessary to say to you.

That's exactly why I still like him. The polls be damned.