What to do when the price at the register is wrong


How often have you stood at the register, convinced that your item scanned at a higher price but unwilling to make a scene by requesting a price check? It happens to me all too frequently. The California Attorney General recently reached a settlement with Wal-Mart over charges that the price of items when scanned at the cash register were higher than marked on the shelf. The chain's customers will receive $3 when victim of a price mistake.

In practical terms for Wal-Mart customers in California, this means that the Wal-Mart employee is the responsible party. If the cashier sees an error (or one is pointed out) then that person must give the customer $3 off the item. And if the item is less than $3? Well, then it's free. This starts now and goes for four years.

The L.A. Times holiday shopping blog adds that the investigation leading up to this decision was three years in the making and spanned the state. The finding was that oercharged customers paid an average of $8 more than they should have paid.