US Savings Bonds - better than putting your money in your mattress


With all the confusion in the financial markets these days, the good old, reliable United States Savings Bond comes through once again as the absolute best investment available today. Because of all the bank failures and consolidations, many individuals have reservations about placing their money into any investment. Many investors have commented that they are so concerned about the amount of failures and takeovers they are not even putting their money into bank CDs. But not savings bond owners.

Savings bond owners are recognizing this huge opportunity and are adding to their portfolios while people unfamiliar with savings bonds are learning that this is one of the greatest investments ever offered.

Series "I" U S Savings Bonds issued between November 1, 2008 and April 30, 2009, will earn interest at the rate of 5.64% (an annual rate) for the first six months from their date of purchase. This beats any other investment available today having the same degree of safety and security. Also, money invested into savings bonds earns compound interest and grows tax-deferred until redeemed, or the bond(s) reach their final maturity in 30 years. And now with this historically high interest rate of 5.64%, this is an unprecedented opportunity to add to your investment portfolio with one of the safest investments in the world.